International cooperation

Coordinator for International Cooperation
Institute of Physiotherapy

Jarosław Amarowicz, PhD

Clinic of Rehabilitation
Faculty of Health Sciences
Jagiellonian University Medical College
Koło Strzelnicy str. 3
30-219 Cracow
phone: +48 12 425 38 51

The work of the International Cooperation Coordinator IF CMUJ serves to strengthen the international understanding of teaching, exchange of teaching materials and the development of the Physiotherapy course. Exchange of students and lecturers enables the development of a multicultural view of rehabilitation, and the creation of new ties enables further joint ventures of scientists. Intellectual and cultural exchange strengthens experiences and qualifications.

The coordinator’s task is to organize the recruitment process. Organization of information meetings. Contact with coordinators of partner universities. Preparation of nominated students for departure. Hospitalization of students during their exchange stay.

• 2023/2024 – Adaptive sport (winter semester) – 5 ECTS
• 2024/2025 – Adaptive sport (winter semester) – 3 ECTS